Beautiful Garden for the First Impression of Your Home

Something that draws attention is the appearance at first sight. Reflected in the appearance of the packaging of a product. Likewise with the appearance of your home. Will attract many people’s attention if the packaging look tempting sight. Things that can not be separated from the front view of a house is a beautiful garden. Do you want your home look more attractive and make every person who visited the house want to follow your garden idea? Check out some tips.

Choosing houseplants

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Named ornamental plant because the plant has beautiful character and strengthen the character of the neighborhood they lived. All ornamental plants suitable for selected and will certainly beautify your garden. But choosing houseplants also a technique that must be mastered in order placement space. Therefore, before you choose plants, you need to recognize certain types of ornamental plants.

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Ornamental plants are divided into two types, namely upper ground plants and ground cover plants. Upper ground plants are plants that do not cover the ground for example bonsai plants and other flowering plants. These plants will be more attractive when in flower, lily plant samples Paris, chrysanthemums, leaves shoes, and other beautiful flowers. Ground cover plants are plants that have a function in order to cover the ground, for example, elephant grass, grass Japanese and many other types of grass.

Fish pond in the garden

fish pond garden design ideas 2017

fish pond in the gardenpond landscaping backyard ponds

Amid lush ornamental plants in your beautiful garden. Will increasingly be alive if there is added a fish pond. Gurgling fish pond with water, some fish that pass by in a pool will naturally reinforce the impression that you create. You do not need to create a large pool. Just balance the size of your garden. You can design your pool of cement composition forms as a rising river, decorate edges with natural stone or you can make it like a waterfall. All depends on your creativity and taste.

Garden lights

Garden String Lights

Just as a result of photography. The existence of the object image is very important and is the center of attention in the image. However, beautiful objects but not got any right lighting when taking pictures will not be a beautiful match the image that you want. Same as in laying the garden. The existence of garden lighting is an important role as well . Liven up the park at night would be greatly helped by the existence of garden lights.

garden lights

Choose a balanced garden lights to your garden area. If you have spacious garden, you can choose garden light with medium or large sizes and put it at some point. But if your garden is small, I suggest you do not give too much light there. If you want to give a lot of lights , put on some point you’ll use to accentuate the beauty of your garden. Light color selection is also very influential in sharpening your garden impression.

garden lighting

Choose colors that can liven up your garden. Playing with lights by laying two colors are balanced and compositive will give elegant impression in your beautiful garden .

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