Bathroom is a most important place of the entire room that you need to keep it clean. Some people want to turn their bathroom with the most up-to-date style that is usually called modern style. For some people, they find out that it is difficult for them to make the flooring design ideas for modern […]

Pedestal sink can be a great choice; however, one must understands how to properly install it in order to enjoy the best result. Here is how. Pedestal sink is one of bathroom sinks that is commonly used in regular houses. To install it properly, you need to prepare these tools: socket wrench with 8” extension, […]

Accordion shower doors come in a variety of unique designs, using the style of a specific bathroom. As well as choosing a door which works in with the appearance of your room, the way in which actually clears is an important issue. This depends for that layout using the room combined with amount of area […]

A conception of primary furnishing, elegant in its essence and sophisticated in abolishing any kind of decoration or complement not functional… We are naturally talking about the minimalist design to accompany you today to the discovery of minimal bathrooms that will captivate you for their pure beauty that is accomplished through the skilful art of […]

Creating modern, elegant and refined bathrooms, it can be really simple thanks to the small tricks and an accurate choice of decorating, in particular today we will show you some beautiful modern bathrooms with a Zen style design that evoke the warm oriental atmosphere. The 10 photos that we have selected specially for the occasion […]