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Outdoor Flooring, Guide to Choice

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The choice of outdoor flooring must take into account different variables than those for interiors that can be assessed above all according to functional, as well as aesthetic criteria; For example, outdoor materials must adapt to the needs of the place (hotter or rainy and freezing areas) in which they are placed. Outdoor flooring: Aspects

How to Create Rosettes or Greeks for Floors with Scrap Tiles

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In some cases, especially in large dwellings or in public places, elements like rosettes or greeks can embellish a floor and stop the monotony of the tiles. Not always tiles with original shapes and colors eliminate the “heavy” effect. The rosettes and the greeks are generally created with scrap tiles, from different shapes and shades.

Designing a Resin Floor

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The new discoveries of the building sector are the resin floor. Knowing the characteristics, the uses, the prices, the techniques of laying and the necessary maintenance can be clear to understand and evaluate this new sector well. Choosing a resin floor means starting a design path that leads, as a result, to the setting up

How to Install a Ceramic Hob

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Recently, in Italy, it was possible to watch a real diffusion of glass ceramic tops, instead of the classic gas cooking tops. In the rest of Europe, due to the lower cost of electricity, their use is already widely distributed. The advantages of this choice concern the reduction of cooking times, given the best thermal

How to Seal Tile Joints

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To make the floors in your home, you often resort to tile joints. It is a series of cards of various sizes and materials that are placed on the ground or even on the walls of kitchens and bathrooms. When you go to apply, you have to flank each other until you fill the entire

How to Clean Steel Kitchen Floor

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Steel is a very common metal, used for the realization of various furnishings and also of sinks, refrigerators and hobs, as it does not rust and is easy to maintain. A steel hob, has a glassy sheen and also a strong resistance to impact. In the market there are steel hobs of different designers and

Interior Floor: How to Make the Right Choice

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If you are going to move to a new house, or you are renovating your home and want to renew interior floor to give her a breath of fresh air, you have a great opportunity ahead! You can freely choose the floors that you like among the vast offer that is currently on the market.

How to Lay a Vinyl Flooring

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As we will see during this guide, vinyl flooring can be considered a good solution to renovate a room without spending a considerable economic figure. It is sufficient to have a little patience and a good manual familiarity to lay a vinyl flooring and give back to the house the elegance and refinement of the

Tips for Maintaining Your Vinyl Floor

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Vinyl is a material that in the last century brought innovations in various areas of our lives. The first thing that comes to mind is its use in the diffusion of music. It is used extensively in the industry as in the field of food containers. The building also resorted to this material to make

Installing Wood Floors Perfectly

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Decorating home sometimes need hard working to get best result. But, it will be rewarded with the beautiful and stylish look of your effort toward the home decors which can make you always want to come back home soon when you are leaving out. Installing wood floors are one of fundamental thing in decorating your