Choosing Quality Furniture for a Lifetime Experience

Furniture is an integral part in everyone’s life. It gives comfort and style to any place it graces whether it is an office, restaurant, shop or home. Furniture adds value to your home, and you cannot imagine setting up a home without furniture.

The quality, workmanship, style and elegance of furniture attract women, who are forever on the lookout for things to decorate their homes with. Both wood and leather are always in vogue, and will be so in the future too.

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But it should be equally kept in mind that the outward appeal must match with that of the inside quality of the furniture you choose. This can bring in a justice to your spent in dimes to acquire these furniture sets. Let’s look at some quality-based wood types that have been supporting the world of furniture since ages.

Niche Furniture

First-rate furniture, as the name implies is top quality furniture that customers buy to adorn their homes. The quality and style makes it one of a kind that is desired by everyone who takes a look at it.

The niche furniture represents an entirely exclusive range that is desired by everyone and its popularity is unmatched. Anyone who catches a glimpse of the furniture will think it as the ultimate in quality, and would want to possess it instantly.

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Especially women are victims to such attractive furniture, and once they see it, they usually want it in their homes immediately. The design, comfort, elegance, trendy look and style make it popular and also the supreme choice of furniture.

Varieties of Niche Furniture

Niche furniture comes in various different qualities like Teak, Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Cherry and Birdseye Maple. These types are hardwoods that are used primarily for furniture, globally. They have high density of grains, which enables them to be strong and durable.

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Their wear resistance therefore is high and this makes them more favorable as furniture material. Softwoods like Cedar, Pine and Fir are also used to some extent in furniture making. These are comparatively less sturdy than the hardwood varieties, and do not fare kindly to wear and tear. Hardwoods are generally heavy and darker than the softwoods.

Niche furniture involves the use of different varieties of both hardwoods and softwoods in its production. Let’s take a quick look at some of those.

Teak wood: Teak wood is strong, durable and robust. It is used prominently for outdoor furniture, as it has high water resistance and is not easily worn out by insects.

Oak wood: For many years, oak has reigned supreme as the choice of furniture for homes. It is tough and highly resistant to erosion and abrasion.

Maple wood: Maple is lighter in shade when compared to the other hardwoods, and is strong and resilient. The ‘bird’s eye’ maple wood has a distinctive grain pattern on the surface that is attractive and appealing to the eye. Furniture made from such wood is considered as valuable and cherished.

Cherry wood: This wood type is mostly dark in color but you can see some lighter toned too. Economically, this wood type is viable and costs less than the other wood types, and is tough and durable too.

Pine wood: Pine is light in weight and the cost is also not too high. Since it comes under softwood variety, it cannot be used in high wear and tear areas. It is however excellent for use as a base.

Cedar wood: This wood has a pleasant and spicy fragrance, and is exclusively used in furniture like closets and chests.

It seems that you cannot just pick any wood type randomly to meet your purpose. The above information is most likely to help you take the correct decision to see your plans acquiring shapes.

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