How to Create 3D Interior Design

Today with the new technology, the craft of architect can be carried out by anyone, regarding the work of a possible renovation of their home: To change the rooms, the structure of the house or the apartment and also for the arrangement of the furniture. There are several free online programs and services that allow you to create three-dimensional, very accurate and realistic home models, complete with interior furnishings and all imaginable personalization. If you have to furnish or renovate the premises of an apartment, you must first draw all the changes and furnishings that you will want to make and after, check in three-dimensional graphic preview, what results you can reach. With this method you will get a well-defined, albeit virtual, idea of how the apartment is to be. Let us guide you through this guide on how to create 3D interior design.

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The Sweet Home 3D program can be downloaded in a few moments by accessing the following link. On the page in question you can make a diversified download depending on the operating system installed on your computer. You will find a link dedicated to Windows, one to Mac OS X, one for Linux 32 bits and one last for Linux 64 bits. Then choose the one that is for you, download the program in the PC and install it following the instructions of the wizard. After the installation is complete, start sweet home 3d.

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As soon as you open the sweet home 3D program, you’ll find that the screen will be divided into four parts, each dedicated to a different aspect of the work. Let’s see them all right. The top left window will contain the complete catalogue of objects and furnishings. The whole will be divided into categories so as to facilitate the search (kitchen, office, bathroom, etc.). The top right pane will be dedicated to the layout of the house or room. In this case, the environment will be seen from the top and scaled the exact measurements with the creation grid. The window at the bottom left, then, will bring back the list of furnishings that gradually add to the room, highlighting also the size and characteristics. Finally, in the bottom right pane you will see the 3d view created automatically by the program.

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That said, you can start designing the interiors of your room. To start a new project click on the item “file” in the toolbar that you will find at the top of the screen, and select “Create New Home”. You will then be asked if you intend to use a default floor plan. For the first designs it will be advisable to use this option, so as to familiarize yourself with the program. Then click on “Choose Image” and upload a floor plan that you have previously scanned. You can then set the work scale by moving the thick blue line that you will notice to the side of the image with the mouse. When you have finished select “Finish” and the floor plan will appear in the upper-right pane of the screen. At this point you can throw with the internal structure of the environment. The “Create Walls” command will allow you to add partition walls simply by clicking in a point of the room and dragging the mouse in any direction. Doors, windows and furniture should instead be chosen from the top left pane and moved with the mouse in the bottom left pane. Of course, each object can be rotated or moved simply by clicking on it and choosing the desired option. Every action you make will be displayed in real time on the floor plan, but also in the 3d view. After completing the procedure, select “Save” and your interiors in three dimensions will be completed.

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