Designing a Garden: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Having the possibility to fill an external space with a garden, full of flowers, plants, trees, bushes, gazebos, etc., is without doubt a fortune. If you have a villa or a house and you plan to create a beautiful garden around the house, it is definitely important to draw a project. In designing a garden, however, it is essential to avoid mistakes that can often compromise the functionality and beauty of the garden itself. So here you are listed the 5 most common mistakes to avoid to have a really perfect garden.

Mistakes in design and implementation

When you plan to create designing a garden for the next summer for example, you will always have to take into account the timing for the design and the timing for the realization. So if you plan to plant plants, flowers, trees before summer, you will always have to finish the project in the exact time, to find yourself developing the project in the cold seasons, where it is often impossible to realize anything with flowers or plants.

Choose senseless plants

When designing a garden, you should never choose the plants haphazardly. The color of the flowers, the shape of the bushes, the height and the typology of the trees, must be studied as if they were furniture to be inserted in an apartment. The colors of the flowers must always be of the same hue, without creating confusing rainbows and the trees must be chosen according to the spaces.

Choose plants without flowers

When designing a garden, you always need to think about the flowering of the plants. Choosing to design a garden without the choice of plants that flourish, is not apt. A garden must always contain not only the green, but also a touch of color, a touch of vitality and cheerfulness.

Don’t think about the functionality

Besides the aesthetic side, the presence of colored plants and flowers, it is always essential to choose to design a functional garden that has an order, a precision and a certain harmony with the spaces. Putting nearby trees, flowers of the same type close to each other, bushes along an avenue, can have some balance and some sense compared to a project that puts so many plants in one place or in a single point without any sense.

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