Wonderful Modern Forest House Design with Solid Building Elements

This house located in the middle of forest so we can call it forest house design. Actually this house is part of Glenbrook residence located alongside the town. David J Architect is architect of this contemporary house and this house look have a solid design with material stone in the exterior house.

concrete shell villa in the forest idesignarch interior design within forest house design Wonderful modern forest house design with solid building elements

For the most part of this forest home build using stone material in the river and tree for interior in forest so all part of house look natural. Building home here very flexible with a spacious area.

This home yard look spacious without outdoor furniture along with flower or plants just large green grass and falling leaves and from here we can see the forest house look big with stone in the exterior wall. Beside of this house there are garage and not seen in front. House with 3 garage with wooden door and white wall color paint. Before enter the garage there is a large stone wall that separates this building with the outside. This forest house design have 3 part building and in the middle house build with glass wall till you can see into house. Left and the right part house build with solid material using natural stone taken from the river and the second floor wall covered by class like other building.

If we enter to hallway floor house made with concrete floor with large wooden frame using glass and from here we can see stair to upstairs,Same with other home the stair made from wood with rail stair using steel ,In this home foyer look spacious without furniture and one more very interesting with the front of the house is solid door design from wood with unique structure. In living room space there are small sofa and arm chair. In this area we can feel direct sunlight enter the house because wall made from glass.

Living room interior look amazing with ceiling made from wood with structure. In this house we can’t find bedroom and bathroom because it privacy. Latest area we can find is kitchen design and dining table with round table design. For more details about forest home design interior see the picture gallery below.

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