45+ Garage Storage Ideas Inspiration You Need

If you find a narrower space to park your car inside your garage and find your stuff is scattered around, unorganized. It means your garage storage needs some makeover. Here are some garage storage ideas to provide a larger space for you to park your car.

Organize Your Stuffs

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First thing you have to do is to categorize all your things on your garage. Make an organized cabinet storage to keep each small thing. For the bigger size items, you can build a storage solution on one side of your wall. You can put all your playing balls, your bicycles, your playthings and your seasonal items that you rarely use, all at one place.

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The other garage storage ideas are to make a DIY storage and a pegboard for your tools. For your long-handled landscape tools, you can make a DIY storage from cuts of pipe that are installed on the other side of your garage. And for your small tools, you can make a pegboard that can show all your tools in a board. It gives you an organized storage and makes it easier for you to find the tools.

Garage Storage Ideas: Reduce and Recycle

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The other garage storage ideas are to reduce and recycle your things. Categorize your things into the group of things that you can still recycle it and things that are unused. You can recycle some things into some useful item that you can use. For the unused things, you can make a garage sale and if you have some leftover, you can donate it into some charitable organizations. Basically, the garage storage ideas are to make your garage more organized and try to reduce some unused items that make your garage full.

45+ Ideas about Garage Storage Ideas

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