How to Make a Zen Gardens

Zen gardens (dry gardens) are spaces for meditation and contemplation in conjunction with nature, designed by the Japanese more than thirteen centuries. Behind zen gardens there is a whole philosophy based on Buddhism, representing the universe, are created to inspire vitality and tranquility with their colors, textures, and sensations. These gardens are not made for walking, rather they are meant to be observed and help viewers to enter in a meditative state.

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Creating a zen gardens can be a pleasant meditation and aesthetics experience. Can be inside or outside the house and its size is not important, because the real importance is found in the elements used. Before creating a zen garden you need to consider three important aspects represented on any zen garden regardless of their size: simplicity, flexibility and space.

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The materials needed to create a zen garden are wood, nails, screws, glue, large container, tools, weeds protection material , sand, stones, gravel, rocks, and lighting elements.

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The first step to build a zen garden is to find an appropriate space for contemplation, away from children and animals that might disturb your design. You can build a wooden bowl, or use a large container of any other material, the recipient must have at least 10 cm deep to put the sand. If you use beach sand, it must pass through a sieve to obtain thin and light sand. After locating the container with the sand, you can start making a simple design, clean lines and decorative elements such as rocks, gravel and rocks.

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The design is personal, according to the aesthetic needs of each individual, but taking into account the fundamental aspects of such gardens.


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