15 Smart and Functional Kitchen Counter Top

Kitchens are the most important places that ought to be styled as per latest designs and standards since these are areas from where you churn out mouth watering dishes and probably spend a colossal amount of time cooking for your loved ones! When designing a kitchen, the counter top needs special consideration as it tends to become old and chipped from overuse. In case you have a good looking kitchen that has a shabby counter top, you can least expect to get accolades from your guests as counter tops can make or break the look of it. Take a look as I jot down the top 15 kitchen counter top that are smart as well as fully functional:

kitchen counter tops

1. Smart wood counter top

The kitchen seen in the image below looks stunning with a counter top that makes use of a good contrast of dark and white shades in the materials used. While, the main base is white, the top is made out of walnut wood that lends a unique look to the whole kitchen. The counter top matches well with the other accents in the kitchen.

2. Fascinating kitchen counter top with a breakfast nook

The counter top seen here makes the whole concept of fine dining a reality! It is made in pure white material and looks very serene and cool. The most attractive part about this kitchen is the functionality that allows one to cook and eat with ease and comfort. There is a small breakfast nook attached with the counter top that is made of wood and blends easily with the white.

smart wood kitchen counter top

3. Smart split kitchen counter top

Counter tops, these days come in a number of designs that are smart and functional. The white and dark brown counter top looks elegant with two layers, one used for cooking and other mundane things, the other layer for eating a quick snack or a whole meal. The split design enables the person, cooking, to interact with her guests or family with ease. The wooden counter top with white base looks quite a charmer and accentuates the look of the kitchen.

4. Integrated counter top staircase

Integrated counter top staircase

If you need to save on space but imbibe a little fashion into your home, it is a good idea to build a kitchen where the upper story of the house can be reached via a staircase that comes integrated with the counter top, just like in the image below. The red kitchen’s counter top is blended with a staircase that allows you to have a look at whats cooking while taking a stroll!

5. Smart reclaimed wood counter top

Smart reclaimed wood kitchen countertop

In case you are a lover of traditional accessories in kitchen, it is advised that you go in for a reclaimed wood counter top that looks smart and elegant at the same time. The look of the counter top below is less generic with a fine looking reclaimed wood carved to perfection. It looks good with the lower base that is made of reddish wood. One can do a number of chores like washing veggies to chopping them.

6. Smart rugged counter top

Some of us have a distinct taste for rugged things, especially in kitchens where the islands and counter tops are made of crude and unpolished wood. The wooden counter top in the image is a perfect example of a rugged kitchen. It looks quite simple and there isn’t anything elaborate, but, it is huge and serves a lot of space for doing multiple chores with ease.

7. Modern glass counter top

modern glass countertops

Do you like to decorate your kitchen with materials that are not too commonly seen? Well, if you are an adventurist, you can do away with any granite counter top and choose a glass one instead. The counter top seen below is made of glass and looks smart. The transparency of the glass lends a unique look to the kitchen.

8. Smart penny counter top

Penny counter tops are a common thing today with many people doing the work themselves! The image shows a kitchen whose counter top is filled with coins and this bronze look adds shimmer to the whole decor. The island comes equipped with a sink and there is a big area to do all sorts of kitchen chores.

9. Smart concrete counter top

smart concrete kitchen countertop

Concrete counter tops are durable and last for a long time. It suits those who wish to invest in an island top that will not stain or become shabby. The counter top below is made of hard concrete with chiseled edges that lend it an uneven look that of a wood. It looks wonderful and shines too.

10. Smart wood slab raised counter top with bar

Smart wood slab raised kitchen counter top with bar

A striking feature that would be applauded by your guests for many years to come is the counter top made of simple wooden slab that comes equipped with a bar. The look is minimal but smart. One can entertain guests in this kitchen that has a compact seating, and cook while having some fun. The wooden slab looks rustic.

11. Smart quartz kitchen counter top

Quartz counter tops add glamor to your kitchen as these appear to be shining all the time! The counter top in this kitchen is made of quartz which looks elegant and also serves the purposes of doing a variety of chores. These are sturdy but still need lot of care to retain the sheen.

12. Exotic granite counter top

Smart wood counter top

Granite counter tops are commonly used in kitchens as these are durable and last for a lifetime. The counter tops seen in the picture are made of shimmering granite that makes the whole kitchen very glitzy. The work areas are many that help in doing all sorts of tasks easily.

13. Sleek sliding kitchen counter top

If one wants to save on space, the sliding counter top is the one to look for. These come with a sliding top cover that can be used to cover up your stove or cooking zone. When you are not cooking, the place can be utilized for doing other errands like chopping or doing anything that comes to mind. The white counter top here has a sliding upper layer beneath which the stove is placed. It looks simple but very stylish.

14. Licorice counter top with seating

Licorice counter top with seating

The counter top cum seating area in the image looks exotic as the black stone shines and looks very glamorous with a wooden finish. The counter top is not only smart but can be used to do errands associated with cooking as well as for sitting on a comfortable cushion fitted on the seat. The look is awesome and very stylish.

15. Hi tech kitchen counter top with lamp and seating

Hi tech kitchen counter top with lamp and seating

Now days, people are opting to invest in hi tech kitchens where one can do cooking while working on some official task. The counter top seen here is gadget friendly as one can do cleaning, chopping and cooking, together with handling office work. There is a seating area dedicated with a big lamp fitted on the top. The sheer black color of the counter top makes the kitchen appear dazzling.

Kitchen counter tops come in different styles and makes. However, you need to be sure about the budget set aside as all involve different costs. The list will help you choose the one that suits your style and pocket. Do take a look and get inspired as counter tops today needn’t look shabby and boring. One can bring innovative changes and transform their kitchens into ‘happening places’!

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