A Kitchen Tile Backsplash Will Add a Lot of Style to Your Cooking Space

With so many types of tile available to today’s home remodeler, it’s no wonder that complex designs have replaced the stale, bland looking ones of past. One way to add some color and character to your home is by installing a kitchen tile backsplash.

What is a backsplash?

A kitchen tile backsplash protects the space between your countertop and the upper cabinets. Usually painted drywall is the only thing covering this space. If you cook a lot, and especially if you fry a lot, you’re going to have to clean this area frequently to keep it looking it’s best.

kitchen tile backsplash ideas

The problem gets more difficult if your drywall is painted a light color.

Over time, and the more frequently you clean the area, the paint will begin to look aged and dull.
Instead of just repainting, why don’t you add a backsplash that will cover this area permanently, and make your life easier while cleaning?

backsplash tile for kitchen

Which material to use

You can use a variety of materials to form your backsplash. By far the most common is glass tile. But some other popular choices are stone tiles, such as marble. You could even use stainless steel to create a sleek, modern look.

tile for backsplash in kitchen design

Whichever material you use, you’ll have a functional, decorative addition to your kitchen.

Be careful with marble tile.

There’s several things you need to watch out for if you opt for a marble tile backsplash.

Marble tile has to be cut with a diamond saw. These saws can be purchased for around 75$ at your local big box store. They have a marble-cutting blade that is constantly kept wet by spinning through a pool of water underneath the cutting table.

kitchen tile backsplashes

This cuts down on dust and also keeps the blade from over heating.

The blade is different from a typical wood saw. It spins much more slowly and is much wider. You can’t cut your hand off (at least it would be very difficult to) on a small marble tile saw. But you can burn your hand if you grab on to the spinning blade.

You could also use snips to cut the tile, but they won’t do nearly as nice of a job as even an inexpensive tile saw.

Other supplies you’ll need

subway tile kitchen backsplash

In order to install your backsplash, you’re going to need a few supplies. Let’s assume you want to install a tile backsplash for the time being.

To install a tile backsplash, you’ll need grout and tile adhesive, and maybe a small piece of drywall to patch any problem areas.

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