How to Make the Bedroom Unique

Tips for decorating the bedroom with style and little tips for DIY.

The bedroom is the environment of the house where we spend a lot of our time, for the moment of sleep obviously but also for relaxation, for leisure and study if we talk about a bedroom for boys.

A bedroom that respects you must be beautiful, comfortable and have the right atmosphere to give us moments of relaxation: the care of the details and the decorations should not be lacking to personalize the room and make it unique in its kind.

unique bedroom designs bedroom throughout unique bedroom ideas How to Make the Bedroom Unique

The choice of style is the first fundamental step for clarifying your furniture design.

In this article we will provide you with ideas and tips for decorating a bedroom by consciously choosing furniture and furnishing accessories to achieve the desired effect.

Double bedrooms: Classic or contemporary?

The right double bedroom, will have to respect your needs and be in line with your way of being.

unique bedroom design ideas designforlifeden throughout unique bedroom ideas How to Make the Bedroom Unique

Classic Bedroom:

If you are an elegant person and you are attracted by antique furniture and you are a person attentive to details, your style is the classic without a shadow of doubt.

You can choose between two lines of furniture, those with a rigid design in the Empire style with panels and important tops or rounded furniture that relies on the French taste of Louis XV.

For a room of elegance of French Baroque, choose a classic bed with headboard with carved frame and padded with soft capitonnè effect, will be your strong piece. The Dresser and bedside tables will be coordinated, rounded and with beautiful decorative handles.

bedroom of elegance of French Baroque

To not weigh the style, you can opt for white furniture with semi-matt finish and enriched with bright chrome handles with Swarovski crystals.

Contemporary Bedroom:

The contemporary style meets modern life and its conception of space and functionality in cohesion with the naturalness of the materials used.

Iron glass and wood are the materials that determine this style of furniture and with which you have to play to enrich and personalize the bedroom.

Compared to a classic decor where the peculiarity of one element prevails on the other, in the contemporary furnishings the furniture make up a unique design.

contemporary bedroom furniture designs

The finish will be open pore because it is essential that the beauty and naturalness of the veins of the wood can be perceived even to the touch.

The plants must not be lacking, will be the Zen note in an environment that tends to naturalization.

The plants help to enrich the design and purify and oxygenate the air.

The shabby chic style for a romantic bedroom

The shabby style is the torment of the moment, loved by the Romantics and lovers of DIY, who appreciate the customization of styles and feel enthusiasm in creating environments that are the fruit of their creativity and craftsmanship.

shabby chic style for a romantic bedroom

The handcrafted furniture and poor art lend themselves to interpret this style of furniture in which the finishes with pastel shades are brushed with a pasty and opaque effect.

On the market there are prepared ready-to-use paints, even for the less accustomed, who want to give new life to the abundant grandmother’s furniture in the basement or attic.

The favorite colors for this style of furniture are white, cream, green, and taupe, used with antique effects that give that grade of aging typical of the shabby style.

We like to imagine a shabby styled room decorated with a canopy bed with crocheted curtains and two bedside tables in a provencal green color with white threads.

A vintage flavor that must be completed with other complements like an old suitcase to be placed at the foot of the bed, of the paintings created with dried flowers on the walls, and a dresser surmounted by an oval mirror with carved flowers.

The candid atmosphere of a shabby style room, brings us back to memories of a distant life made of simple and authentic things, like that of the old country farmhouses.

How to decorate a bedroom for boys

The room for boys and girls, is a very experienced place, in addition to resting young people take time for the study or for leisure, from children up to adulthood.

decorate a bedroom for boys

A bedroom that can evolve over time is without a doubt a room furnished with handcrafted furniture that can be customized and adapted to new styles.

A closet in poor art that is also an object of games, we can decorate it with the blackboard paint, will love the little ones but also the teenagers.

The walls can be customized with wall stickers, flowers for the girls ‘ room, for the boys we avoid.

The single bed with container and served at the foot by a trunk can be used for blankets, as well as to collect toys and books.

Save money by buying raw furniture to decorate for the bedroom

Floating Beds Elevate Your Bedroom Design

To furnish a unique and timeless bedroom without spending exorbitant figures is not difficult.

If you want to buy furniture and customize them you will be able to evaluate online e-commerce offers that provide an extensive catalogue of raw wood furniture ready to be painted.

If you are a DIY lover the game is done, instead if you have difficulty with the brushes you can always turn to a local carpenter or ask the finish at the same sites online from which you purchased.

We have provided you with only a few tips to have guidelines that can help you make the double room of your dreams or your kids.

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