Minimal Chic Decorations: Many Ideas for a Functional Design Home

Halfway between pure minimalism and modern design is the minimalist decor, the perfect style for those who want a home with essential lines without having to give up a few touches of color and elegant decorations.

If you are looking for ideas to make your home a place with functional design, where you can feel comfortable and enjoy a refined atmosphere, here you will discover a practical guide through which you we, using text and images, the peculiarities of minimal chic decorations going in particular to focus on:

  1. Living room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bedroom
  4. Bathroom

The minimal chic decor embraces all the environments of the house and, with order, we will understand how to organize the best each of them marrying a philosophy of furniture decidedly present that also allows a discrete dose of personality.

Minimal Chic Living Room

Just a few days ago we had the opportunity to show you a vast collection of minimal stays, naturally characterized by an extremely pure design concept, here you can discover the peculiarities of the minimal chic that, while maintaining intact the concepts of cleanliness of the lines and simplicity, ranges between greater chromatic variations and allows the insertion of decorative elements.

The minimal chic stays must therefore be characterized by furnishing elements (such as sofas and TV furniture) linear and elegant but can be accompanied by decorations with a refined character: you can, for example, insert rugs, vases or objects from the sought-after forms that contribute to giving character and personality to the environment.

Instead, we are now analyzing the characteristics of a minimal chic kitchen that, in addition to having to be extremely functional, it can, for example, be characterized by day shelves, the insertion of decorated tiles capable of giving a touch of dynamism, and the choice of versatile and timeless materials, first of all the wood.

Also in this case we can talk about a kind of fusion between two styles that is realized at the meeting point between the minimal kitchens and the modern kitchens with innovative design.

Minimal Chic Kitchen

Minimal Chic Bedroom

We move now to the bedroom where the minimal chic can take shape through the use of fabrics and decoration elements perfect to give a romantic touch to an environment of clear modern inspiration. If the minimal bedrooms hit for the total absence of Orpell, in fact they prefer the almost absolute placement of beds and bedside tables, here you can for example note the insertion of soft rugs, floating curtains that propose a kind of modern canopy and, to say the least suggestive, the creation of walls covered.

Minimal Chic Bathroom

In presenting the features of minimal chic furniture we could not finally take a look at the bathroom that, like the rest of the house, will be designed in detail and with a certain care of the details. In this case you can simply inspire the spa-style bathrooms to create a truly elegant and refined environment that goes at the same time to depart from the charming aseptic of the minimalist baths.

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