80+ Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist bedroom ideas is one of the major architectural developments which can be used for the modern house. The designs are much simpler than any other type of bedroom design which will make you room more comfortable. As for the color; natural colors still play the main role, instead of the brighter pop color.

the simple look of minimalist bedroom design hort decor inside minimalist bedroom ideas 50+ Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

In applying a minimalist bedroom ideas, we recommend you in applying white as the major color. There are reason white becomes one of the most favorable colors; first because white could present a plain looking room, beside it can also keep the clean look of the bedroom. When you find them too plain for a minimalist bedroom, you can add combined color which also part of natural colors painting group.

In creating a minimalist design, you need to avoid the used of focal point which will make one furniture look better than another; you also need to consider in avoiding the used of doors, especially for the wooden type. If it is possible you might better create the dividers by applying curtains, to strengthen the privacy; you can manage them by adding sheer or bold colored curtains. Besides you can also choose the used of glass and Japanese sliding doors which also support the minimalist design.

As for the furniture, you might better choose something flat especially for the bedding. Applying wooden material can still be possible even thought they are less preferable for the contemporary theme. While applying plastic and metallic flat furniture for the bedding will give you benefit in strengthening the modern atmosphere.

You also need to focus in using plain fabric material for the bed cover, curtains, and the furniture’s’ fabrics; Floral pattern will only lead you to a great failure. Reducing accessories and unnecessary decorations for your bedroom will be much preferable; if it is possible you might better let your walling into a complete plain board.


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