Modern Wooden House Small AV House

This beautiful house has been created by BAK Architect which is known as AV House. He has successfully finished this house back in 2011. This house is specially made based from a request from his client.

All of the function and material has been stated before to make sure that it meets with the client standard and what the client needs. The client needs a summer house that can be a guest house. So, this type of house just for living in for a while and not for everyday living.


AV House : The Location

Located in the suburban side of Argentina which makes it more natural. The main idea of this house using AV House Ideas is by making a simple pairing of a concrete and a glass that can make the home balance with the natural sense that is surrounding this house. It is unknown about the exact size of this building, but it is actually have a small size that may be just enough for a single family living. You can know more details after looking at some pictures in the site.

AV House : Surrounded by Big Trees

He stated that he didn’t cut any trees surrounding this house. However, this house is located near the forest which has many trees grown on it. While he just let it go of all of the trees there, so this house is surrounded by many trees. Even the floor outside is being a place for the living of a tree. Looked from outside, it just a simple house that comes with the glass sliding door windows and the wooden material as the floor. It doesn’t offer you a modern sense or a futuristic house theme as the client doesn’t require that as the main theme.

You can have much more information about this building by visiting the site in the bottom of the article. I personally think that this house may be perfect for you when you want a summer house alike. The main features in this house also offers you a standard feature of a house that is coming with 2 bedrooms, a private bathroom, and the kitchen based on AV House Information.

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