Open Plan Kitchen with Island

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Have you always wanted an open plan kitchen with island but you have some doubts about the organization of the spaces and the choice of the right furnishing? Prepare yourself then to discover a collection of design ideas to inspire you to be able to design the open space kitchen living room that you have

Ideas for Vintage Coatings

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We have already had the opportunity to show you the many uses of cementine in the bathroom and, remaining in the theme of ideas for vintage coatings, we will go here to focus attention on cementine in the kitchen. of hexagonal or square shape and with multiple decorative fantasies, the cementine in the kitchen are

Beautiful Colors to Paint Your Dining Room

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In a space that is created, ex profess, to eat, as is the dining room, you might think that you have to paint it with certain colors, because they can influence, positively or negatively, in our general state; And, although it does, there are not many limitations or rules to be fulfilled; It is enough

Decoration of Attic Terraces

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We have already spoken on other occasions of the decoration of terraces, but we have not dedicated a space to the decoration of terraces of penthouses in particular. Although many of the tips you can see in other publications can be applied to attics, and it is very important to keep them in mind, obviously

3 Ideas to Furnish Your Garden or Terrace

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With the good weather every time we feel like spending more time outdoors, both alone and with family or friends. If we have an open place at home we are privileged, and that is why it is important to make the most of it. The decoration in the gardens or on the terraces is essential

Good Ideas for Modern Dining Room

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Modern dining room do not necessarily have to be just the space to place the dining table where we sit down to eat, they can and must be much more than that. It can be installed in a dining room, but most commonly we have a space inside the modern rooms destined to place the

Bathroom Design Ideas Small

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Before you are in front of the choice concerning the furnishing of your bathroom design ideas you have the ideas clear. Then the work approaches, and you discover all the options available, the models, the finishes, the colors, the materials, the dimensions. And that’s where the dilemmas begin: What style to choose? And how to

Laundry Room in Project Instructions

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Down the hall, in the bathroom, in the kitchen or on the balcony. Useful tips to cut the minimum space for a chic laundry room with an adjoining ironing. With a rational space project, also conceived in height (especially with regard to clothes-drier and storeroom), it is possible to obtain a laundry in a minimum

3 Accessories to Renew Swimming Pool Design

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Even for the swimming pool, over the years comes the time to do some restyling, to always guarantee an original effect and in step with the trends of the moment. The availability of modern technologies, together with the specialization of many companies in the field of restyling, do not pose any limit to the realization

With Trilogy Changes Swimming Pool Design

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One of the first things to define and choose when you decide to buy and build a swimming pool is the water re-circulation system. The systems used to date are the skimmer and the infinity. The skimmer system is the most classic, characterized by openings all along the tank. The Infinity system, on the other