Easy-to-follow Pedestal Sink Installation Guide

Pedestal sink can be a great choice; however, one must understands how to properly install it in order to enjoy the best result. Here is how.

Pedestal sink is one of bathroom sinks that is commonly used in regular houses. To install it properly, you need to prepare these tools: socket wrench with 8” extension, slip-joint pliers, a level, tape measure, adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, drill, square, pencil and sockets. For the materials, you are going to need plumber’s putty, the sink, faucet, drain assemblies, P-trap assembly and a Teflon tape. Those tools and materials are very important and needed during the procedure, thus you are expected to fulfill the requirements in order to get this done and the sink placed perfectly at the place where you want it to be. However, if you think this is too hard of a job, then a professional is recommended to hire.

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This is how you should install the sink. First, you need to remove the old sink. The only way to do it is to shut off the water at the main pipe and then if you install a water heater, you should definitely turn it off. Once the water is stopped, there is still some left on the faucet. So, open the faucet to let the water go and drain the sink. After all of that, the sink now can be removed safely. The process of removing the old begins.

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Two adjustable wrenches are used to remove the old supply stops and the old escutcheon covers. Place the new supply stops and escutcheon covers and tighten them again using the same adjustable wrenches. Unscrew the old collar nut, and then slide the new p-trap escutcheon cover over the drain hole. Set the location of the sink using the lavatory. The sink must be at the center of the drain hole on the wall. Mark the area and where the anchor holes will be drilled using pencil. Before placing the sink there, first, you might want to install the lag screws into the wood backing behind the wall.

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The sink must be stabile; therefore it needs to be mounted to the floor using drill and screws. The next thing you want to do is to assemble the entire sink’s hardware together, at the right place. Now, apply a generous amount of plumber’s putty around the base of the flange which it will be moved to the sink, screws them to tighten. Install the P-trap properly and run the pedestal sink to see if there is any leakage or damage that was unseen and need to be fixed immediately.

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