How to Pick Recessed Lighting Housing

Recessed lighting housing is really hype, before bought them home, make sure you know which one is the best.

The trim and the housing are the main components to recessed lighting housing. Before buying the trim based on your favorite, it is necessary to know the right housing for you. Therefore, pay more attention to this tips and tricks

Make Sure You Pick the Best One of Recessed Lighting Housing

The first thing you should know before buying recessed lighting housing is to know whether you style housing is a Remodel or New Construction. If you live in your own house or apartments, it is beneficial to choose the Remodel one because it is less bulky and appropriate for your house or apartment due to its limited access to the space above the new fixture, but still you have to make holes in your ceiling to hold your new recessed lighting.  Meanwhile, new construction is appropriate when you built a new building where you have a full access to the ceiling without sheetrock.

Make sure that you need IC or Non-IC for your recessed lighting housing. IC, which stands for insulation contact means that the fixture can come in direct contract with thermal insulation, it is necessary for you not to mind the distance from one to insulation. Meanwhile, Non-IC, which stands for non-insulation contact, means that the fixture can’t come in direct contact with thermal insulation, so you have to keep at least two to three inches from one to insulation.

Then it comes to the trim, where you can pick them freely based on your favorite! As we can see, the most visible part of the light is the trim, and it is the one that will show the other your preference and style. The first thing you should know before buying your favorite trim for your recessed lighting housing is to have an attention to the sizes, they come in multiple sizes raging, from 3” to 6” in diameter. Again and again, it is based on your favorite, do you like the bigger one or the small one, and it’s completely up to you! If your house wants to be seen as modern, we recommend you the smaller one. Yet, if you want to have a big wattage, we recommend you to choose the bigger one.

The 6” trims are usually used for the general residential main light and wall wash illumination, because they can hold the big wattages and lamps, the 5” trims are usually used for general lighting or task lighting. The 4” trims are also used for task lighting, but as it provides the low voltage, it is better to be put in the counter. As you already decided the size of the trim for your recessed light house, now you can pick the trim style based on your favorite! There are several trim styles that you can pick, such as baffle trim, reflector trim, adjustable trim, lensed trim, wall washed trim, and decorative trim. Each of them provides goods benefits, if you find them really similar; you can just pick one of style recessed lighting housing based on your preferences. So, happy shopping!

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