Retractable Kitchen Cabinet Doors

To say the least perfect for open space kitchen living rooms degrees or small that are or for those who simply want to have everything in perfect linear order, the retractable kitchens are increasingly sought after and appreciated on the international market. Today we are going to present to you a selection of kitchens of disappearance of the best brands in particular showing the models to say the least suggestive, elegant and equally practical, made with materials of high workmanship and expert designers who do not forget the importance of aesthetics and design.

Among the many models of retractable kitchens present on the market we have chosen to present the extraordinary solutions proposed by:

  • Boffi
  • Dada
  • Elmar
  • Minimal
  • Pedini
  • Schiffini
  • Tmitalia
  • Valcucine

Before leaving you to the presentation of the different models, able to adapt to any need and creative desire, however, we want to inform you of the additional articles that could be useful for your research:

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Retractable Kitchens Boffi

Renamed on-off the retractable kitchen realized by Boffi was designed to offer a dynamic and flexible solution perfect to adapt to any type of need and desire. A package opening system literally allows you to bring out and disappear the kitchen that has a attentive attention to detail and the possibility to use a modular composition.

Retractable Kitchens Dada

Elegant and the ever-present fascination of Dada’s retractable kitchens have been designed to appear and disappear as in a kind of magic: the imposing sliding doors disappear in the lateral spaces using an extremely fluid movement system. You can choose between linear or angular models and of course between a wide range of finishes and high-bill materials.

Retractable Kitchens Elmar

Of the retractable systems that perfectly adapt to a modern and sophisticated design transforming the kitchen into a perfect piece of furniture: Here is the Elmar philosophy for the retractable kitchens. The removable and recessed hinged doors open and disappear in a very practical way, leaving room for floors and appliances.

Retractable kitchens Minimal

Essential and very minimalist, the retractable kitchens Minimal are a masterpiece of design of the latest generation and attention to detail. Thanks to sliding systems literally go to appear hob and sink, on the contrary you will have a large countertops to be used also as a dining table.

Retractable Kitchen counters

Refined and compact aesthetics, innovative materials and flexible solutions: Here are the retractable kitchens signed by pawns where they perfectly coexist luxury and practicality. The company offers a wide range of customization and finishes of various workmanship.

Retractable Kitchens

Instead, Casa Schiffi proposes a containment system that allows the rotation of the doors to the deep indentation in the furniture with perfect disappearance. Different configurations are proposed ranging from a complete retractable kitchen and in a mini version to simple configurations with shelves and drawers.

Retractable Kitchens Tmitalia

A captivating design for a perfect reversible space: here is the retractable kitchen proposed by TMItalia that can also be used inside a studio, thus turning from a desk to a hob with a sink and integrated ovens.

Retractable Kitchens Valcucine

Finally, here we are at the elegant solution of Vanishing kitchen signed by Valcucine: What you are admiring is a linear kitchen model with a surprising attention to detail and the organization of spaces that transforms into a furnishing element with minimal lines in the closing phase.

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