7 Modern Roof Deck Ideas For Apartment

A house is not only consisted of walling and flooring, but also the roof.  Applying specific types of roofing for the specific theme of the house will be a wise decision.  In the previous articles we already discussing the type of materials for the roof deck ideas, in this article we will be focus on the major design of roofing models.

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A pure traditional house tend to use bricks and white siding for the roof deck ideas, but sometimes we can also found wood shingles to be engaged.  While for a country Victorian house, a siding and metal roof are often attached for the tops of their house. It is quite different with a Dutch tread model which tends to use a brick-red asphalt singles to be equipped for the house roofing.  From the samples above we could see how each type of roofing materials are used differently for each type of the house.

flat roof deck design rooftop deck ideas flat roof deck design regarding roof deck ideas 7 Home Roof Deck Ideas

As for the design of the roofing model, we usually have 4 major architectural designs including monopitch roof, duopitch roof, hip and also mansard roof. A monopitch roofing design is look like a single sloping panel, while the duopicth tend to used double slopping design which perform a triangle form.

modern house design with roof deck designforlifeden in roof deck ideas 7 Home Roof Deck Ideas

Hip roof is usually applying sloping panel for every angle of the house; usually a house tens to have 4 major angles including front, behind, both left and right side; from this major design we can also said that the common hip roof has 4 sloping areas which are design to create a hips. A mansard roof can be said as one of American’s and French’s popular design with their graded features.

rooftop deck what a great way to cool off while sun bathing for roof deck ideas 7 Home Roof Deck Ideas

Most of those rooftop deck ideas are said to be the basic roofing architectural design, most of them are applied for the traditional land classical houses. While for the modern house, we tend to use a flat type of rooftop deck design ideas.  Even though most of the designs are purposed for classical houses; but sometimes you can also manage them for modern houses if you could bring using modern materials such as metallic, glass or plastic as their major instruments.

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