Best 10 Small Garden For Your Home

The small garden has some special design standards. Less space does not mean less work, in any case, it means more attention to detail and resist the temptation to add too much variety.

The gardens are generally small “box” in enclosed areas with straight boundaries. A small garden where the whole design is made up mostly of straight lines can make it look close, without appeal, limited and small. The goal for small garden is to look big, more livable and more interesting.

small garden ideas designforlifeden in small garden Best 20+ Small Garden For Your Home

In small garden it is essential to pay attention to the selection of plants. Colors, textures, sizes and different shapes can be used to create an illusion of more space. Try to limit to two or three shades of green colors. You get more impact if you stay in the same tone.

9 best small flower garden design ideas to make your outdoor in small garden Best 20+ Small Garden For Your Home

Keeping things in proportion is important, however, a common misconception is that you have to use small plants in small space. Choose a few varieties of plants and two or three colors and repeat the pattern throughout the garden.

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One way to create depth is to place the light colored plants in front and dark in the background. Remember to keep smaller plants in front so they are not hidden by the tallest.

large and sunny apartment with a small garden in central istanbul with small garden Best 20+ Small Garden For Your Home

The use of curves adds a sense of movement and flow, and this will make the garden seem larger. Adding something as simple as a brick or curved stones add an element of interest and sense of space. Small retaining walls and roads are an easy way to add texture.

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