Sound Insulation for New Home

If you have to build in the spring or summer, the projects are made in winter. Who does not think the sound insulation for new home – that is like trying to live more peaceful?

It is important to establish immediately the distribution of the rooms, the installations and the definition of the partitions – why it is obvious. Think of the neighbors crazed vacuum cleaners, horn in the early morning, the upstairs heels, the guitar course of the neighbor. Do we understand each other?

The walls must hinder the passage between the place where the sound originates and the place where you want to control the perception, for example between the outside and the inside of the house or between two adjoining houses. When the sound wave meets an obstacle – the façade of a building or a wall between two apartments – it is good that one part is absorbed and one crosses it by air and structural.

In essence, doors, windows, walls and ceilings must be comfortable headphones for your ears. Here are the most important things to check:

  • The acoustic performances offered by the window frames depending on the stratigraphy and thickness of the glass used, the glazed surface, the frame and the space of the rolling elements;
  • The choice of insulating materials for the perimeter walls, the internal ones or the single partitions between separate housing units.
  • For this, lock to the hand and away to the collection of useful information for choices made well in both design and implementation, starting from evaluating what type of house you have in mind. Here are two examples:
  • For a single-family home located in a noisy outdoor environment-near a railway line, the fields to plough or the ring road, to be understood-can be chosen giving priority to the insulating performance of the façade, that is those of doors and windows , to defeat the external noises. The choice of window frames must be related to the use of the room in which the frame is to be inserted and to the external noise level.
  • For a multi-family home, it serves the soundproofing of the internal dividing rooms between the separate units, type floors and flooring. You can later evaluate the performance of the facades according to the requirements of the fixtures. Remember that often the cassette is one of the weakest rings from the point of view of sound insulation – that is, it makes a lot of noise.

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